Conduct Rules

Scrap-It! Technologies, Inc.
Standard Operating Procedure

Standards of Conduct
Last Review/Revision:

I. Purpose
To protect the brand, Scrap-It! Providers must abide by certain legal, implied and common
practices pre and post job, as well when contacting support.
II. Scope
Management, personnel and providers
III. Procedure


Providers will agree to our terms of service which will contain our Standards of Conduct:

● Zero tolerance of alcohol or drug use while performing Scrap-it jobs.
● Non-discrimination and/or Harassment pre/post performing Scrap-it jobs, during  

  any communication.
● Contribute to a safe work environment: Use your best judgement, if you feel        

    unsafe at a job, contact support immediately.
● Dispose of items with accordance to local laws and regulations
● Abide by our Customer Service Expectations:

○ Keep interaction professional.
○ Do not use slang or abrasive language including profanity
○ Be punctual. Frequent tardiness, canceling jobs or requests to reschedule    

    leads to an investigation that could result in a termination of your account.
○ Communication is key, especially regarding time frames.
○ You are required to fulfill the job on the agreed price.
○ Be sure to bring all the tools and supplies necessary to successfully complete  

    job. If multiple trips are required, communicate that with the customer.
○ Do not ask client to help load items. If client offers to help load, they may do    

   so at their own choice.

A Message To Our Customers Regarding COVID-19 
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