Iron Man Aiming to Help Clean Up the Environment Using Technology

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

by: Kamal Ojibara, Senior Writer, Scrap-it!

Image source: HypeBeast

From being a hero on the movie screen to being a hero in real life. Robert Downey Jr. the leading actor who plays Iron Man announced plans to start up an organization called the Footprint Coalition.

According to Downey, the group's goal is to use Nanotechnology and Robotics to help clean most of the environment if not completely within 10 years.

He also talked about how he discussed himself contributing to the pollution of the earth's environment. And how he felt that there was a sense of crisis in regards to pollution.

Footprint Coalition set to launch in April 2020. They launched a website, however, it only allows people to sign up for newsletters at this time.

With today’s new innovative technology getting rid of our waste materials is much easier. There apps like Scrap-it! that help provides instant hauling service.

Let’s join Iron Man and make the environment a better place not just now but forever.

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